Friday, November 24, 2006

Another week almost over

Thanks for the comments about work/stay home struggle. This week I only have 2 days of work since I managed to switch off weekends with another coworker. I made it in an hour late today. Fortunately I have a good manager who OK's the occasional late morning when I'm having pain. The days that I wake up with pain that is out of control, I can usually take breakthrough meds and lie down for an hour or so, then get up and function. It's better than taking the whole day off and it's great that they see it that way too.

Nice to have sympathetic management. Or is it they are just desperate for staff..

Does anyone else out there have pain as a main symptom? I have pererpheral neuropathy in my right arm/hand that feels like I'm being stabbed, hacked to bits, ground up in a meat grinder, slammed in a car door and stung by millions of bees. Add in the occasional stab to the breast and back and you have a pretty good picture of how I spend my day.

My husband and I used to call the pains gremlins that were mining for gold in my arm. Not anymore. That was back when the pain was young and small. Now its much bigger than that. I worry about how much pain meds I'll be on by the time I'm 40. Now, I'm already on the max dose of gabapentin combined with 105 mg of MS Contin. Plus an antidepressant. I'm not sure which one it is now, I've been through a few of them, the side effects were problematic, so the doc kept changing them around. Now I've forgotten which one I stuck with.

On a lighter note, the parking attendant at work yesterday asked me if I'd just had my hair done. He thought I had a glamourous new hairdo and complemented it enthusiastically. Which is also out of the ordinary, as he is not usually the flirtatious type. The truth, I had only combed it. ~s~ My hair is pretty curly, so I normally just fluff it up with my fingers as I dry it, and running my fingers through it on the odd occasion is the closest it comes to being combed. Yesterday I thought it looked unusually messy, so comb met hair. With apparently good results. Guess I should do that more often.

Tonight I'm going to a fundraising banquet for Ducks Unlimited. My husband is a volunteer for them, has been since he was 15. He even worked for them as a salaried fundraisor for a while, but found that 3 years of desk work and constant travel between volunteer groups all over the province was too much. And who could blame him.. After the girls were born, I was so happy that the travel was done. Anyway, back to the original thought. So I'm going to the dinner tonight with a few other friends that always buy tickets to keep me company. Rob will be working, so I'd be by myself otherwise. And Saturday night we have our yearly dinner/party with the houseguests that come for the banquet plus some assorted others. Its always fun, but has required two weeks of preparation on my part. Well, only because all the things that "normal" people could accomplish in a day or two takes me two weeks between naps. Sucks, but it's a fact of life. I deal. So, one day a trip to the store, another day laundry, another day organizing this that or the other. I think we are almost ready. Except for cat litter. Damn, just remembered that. Poor cat needs its litter changed. Tomorrow. That's a good job for tomorrow. Did I mention that Rob is an amazing cook and does almost all of the cooking and definitely all of the entertaining cooking? His spreads are incredible. That is why the yearly party is becoming so popular. No one wants to miss out.

The girls are staying with my in-laws at the farm tonight and then are being handed over to my mother tomorrow for the night. Imagine, an adult weekend! I'll miss them. Maybe.

Fortunate to have in-laws and parents around the corner from each other. Yup, my husband and I grew up as neighbours. Rural neighbours, even. That, of course, means that you know everybody and their business, unlike city neighbours. At least I can say that we didn't date when we were younger or anything quite that sad. We didn't date until after I was finished university in another city (Guelph) and he came back from a year away in Whitehorse (Yukon Territory).

Not sure where I was going with that. Better get back to work anyway.

More next week. After I've recovered.


mdmhvonpa said...

Well, I used to have pain as a symptom but it changed a bit over time so It's not bad now ... just a lot of numbness. Not a bad trade up. And as for pawning the kids off for the weekend ... You do miss them at first, but it is nice to get some time to yourself. My parents are 225 miles away so we don't get many treats like that. The Mrs's parents ... well, one is in China so no chance there!

personallog! said...

The pain as a symptom... Yeah I think we all get that at one point or another. I have been through many bits of pain relief but I dont touch them now untill the gremlins get too big and hard that they don't let me move(thats a fun day!). If you find one that suits try and stick with it and your liver will thank you further down the line. Have a great party and remember to run that comb through your hair eh!